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2023 Updated Pricing

Hello Guys & Ghouls. It's your Hostess with the Mostest, your Master of Terror, your Captain of the S.S. All-Things-Spooky. We are excited to see everyone again for our Haunted Firehouse Event in October. We appreciate all our dedicated guest that come back every year to support us and we love meeting all the new guests we interact with each year. We hope we can put on another great event for you this year so you keep coming back.

With that being said, we are 100% Volunteer. All our event staff dedicate their time, costumes, props, and hard work for free. Many of them are volunteer firefighters, family and friends all working together to make sure we put on the best event possible. Due to the times and increased cost of things however we have had to increase our price structure a bit. Entrance will now be $10 for adults and $5 for children. As usual the entry will still allow for a second admission, anything more than that will be an additional entry charge. All profits from our event goes directly to the Fire Company which itself is 100% Volunteer if you didn't' know. So we hope you will be understanding of our decision.

Again, thank you for your time and we look forward to scaring... I mean seeing you in October.

BTW if your interested in joining the Salisbury Mills Fire Co. as a volunteer and perhaps would like to help out with this event, please visit and click through the apply link. This is also available through our Facebook as well.


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