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2020 Event is Happening!

Hello Guys and Ghouls! Good News! We have decided to host our event this year and it will be hosted for 3 Days! The Haunted Firehouse will run from Friday, October 23rd to Sunday, October 25th. As of right now all days will run from the standard 7pm-10:30pm. Should we decide to do specail/limited hours on Sunday, depending on turnout, we will keep you posted via the event on Facebook.

Now we know your concerns for the current COVID-19 Pandemic. We will be taking precautions during the event to ensure your safety and the safety of our volunteers. Please see some of the items we will be adhering to below:


- Only one group, of 3-4 persons, will be allowed to tour the attraction at a time. Please be patient with the delay.

- Please remain socially distanced while waiting to enter the event. Markers will be set up outside.

- The event will be running backwards this year so that exiting visitors will not interfere with those entering.

Other precatuions may be set up day of, Please make sure to be mindful of others and listen to the event staff and rules.

We look forward to scaring.... I mean seeing you again this year.


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