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Carissa Velez

Manager of Mischief

Our Manager of Mischief, Carissa, brings friendly fun to our event, while also maintaining order. She welcomes our guests and ensures everyone has a spooktacular fun time.

Alyson Reach

Hostess with the Mostest

With a passion for Halloween and all things scary, Alyson loves to organize this event. She serves as a medium to the things that lurk in the dark to coordinate this spook-tackular event for our willing guests. 

Mark Napolitano

Scare Specilist

Loving to scare the guys and ghouls, our Scare Specialist, Mark, helps create the atmosphere and haunts the halls to ensure all the creatures are working hard to give our guests a frightfully good time.

It takes a lot of strength and hard work to keep the spirits and creatures calm all year round, especially during the most paranormal of seasons. Alyson, Carissa, and Mark are only able to control and contain their energy for so long before they become too restless. Keeping this in mind they struck a deal with the darkness. The spirits and creatures would be allowed a few supervised nights of fun to frighten willing guests who come to visit our firehouse. They are free to take any form and roam through the building and grounds as long as they behave to the best of their ability (cause we all know mischief is the darkness' middle name). Little do they know, however, our Keepers have ulterior motives. While their job is to invite people in for a frightfully good time, the larger the gathering the more energy the spirits and creatures drain, thus making it easier to control them for the next calendar year. So we hope you will join us for the paranormal take over. Costumes are welcome and may protect you but remember......

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